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About Rotunda Gorman


I’m a Master Addiction Counselor in the State of Georgia with 17+ years’ experience in Health Services Administration,
Co-Occurring Disorders, Behavioral Health, and Social Services. I obtained my MAC Certification in 2016.

My experience as a Master Social Worker and Master Addiction Counselor is quite extensive.  I have been afforded the opportunity to work in a variety of environmental settings that include Home Healthcare, Behavioral Healthcare, Hospital Facilities, Correction Institutions, and Local Courtrooms.  My roles included DUI ASAM Level 1 instructor, Social Worker MSW, Clinical Director, Prime for Life Instructor, and Independent Contractor.



  • Professional Master Social Worker with experience providing Biopsychosocial assessment/AOD assessment and various therapeutic treatment modalities.

  • Extensive experience working with a broad range of issues including DUI/risk reduction classes.

  • Completed required drug testing and Biopsychosocial history on incoming clients.

  • Participated in related training for substance abuse.

  • Worked cooperatively with health and guidance staff to develop and implement the district drug education program.

  • Administered Drug Testing for drug court and treatment programs.


How Can I Help You?

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Clinical evaluations for DUIs and Other Drug Charges

State of Georgia Certified Clinical Evaluations




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15 -30 min

IMPORTANT: A Clinical Evaluation/Drug and Alcohol Evaluation/Substance Abuse Evaluation are the same.

Education and Training

Clinical Evaluator/DUI Paulding County

Master Addiction Counselor

Prime for Life Instructor TN and GA

MS in Human Services Capella University, Minneapolis, MN

Master Social Worker Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA

BA in Sociology Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC.

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Explanation of Services


If You have a Substance-Related Charge

DUI, Reckless Driving, Minor in Possession, Drug Possession, etc., you will need to get an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation/clinical evaluation DUI, BUI (Boating Under the Influence), and Multiple Offender Treatment Referral.

Georgia law requires anyone that has been charged with DUI to complete a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation with a state-approved counselor. We charge the minimum fee allowed by the state of Georgia.

I am licensed by the State of Georgia and have extensive experience working with a broad range of issues including DUI / Risk Reduction classes and drug court. Please schedule your appointment via our on-line scheduler or by contacting Rotunda at 678-516-9008.


What is a Clinical Evaluation?

A clinical evaluation is an individual session between a DBHDD approved substance abuse professional and yourself. You may be required by a judge or probation officer to complete a clinical evaluation if you are charged with DUI, reckless driving, possession, or Boating Under the Influence (BUI). In many cases, your lawyer may advise that you complete an evaluation before your court date. This is only to show that you have personally taken extra steps to please the court and further ask for leniency.

The minimum fee set by the State for a first-time DUI Clinical Evaluation at $115, which is our fee. This confidential meeting could take up to an hour with accommodations 7 days a week. Evaluations are available in English and Spanish (with an interpreter).

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